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Reality Deviation 1

Ok.. so I've decided to create a space that I can discuss things that I probably shouldn't show to the masses.

I was emailed by my father today and he was worried about the possibility of terrorism happening so close to where I live.

The will of the masses will bring it about surely. I think there is some deep seeded desire to see something.. anything happen. Good bad or indifferent. Surely then the will of the masses will be heard. I personally vote that NOTHING AT ALL happen. NO terror. No war... but it seems I am outvoted at least on the second issue.

I suspect things will occur as they have to occur to take us toward our eventual conclusion but I think that we are working against ourselves in our grand ascension. Bombs and high-tech surveilance of bad guys is not moving us toward elysium.

My friend Paul I used to work with invisioned an ascension of humanity. He spoke of it openly.. in the midst of a technocracy den. I loved that man.

I wonder if it's still on its way.

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